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 There were the usual glitches of the site being overloaded, but I got all but one of my first choices, and my second choice for that slot was good as well.   I'm working some at the Rogue Games booth, sleeping in most mornings, and looking forward to a fairly relaxed 25th Gencon.

Thursday 8/5
  • 01:00:00 PM - Ghostfacers in Hell (Supernatural, Cortex System)
Friday 8/6 
  • 08:00:00 AM  - Pathfinder Society #57: Before the Dawn, P1: The Bloodcove Disguise
  • 08:00:00 PM - The Shotgun Diaries: Die Zombie Die! (Ker-blam! Ker-blam!) (John Wick's The Shotgun Diaries)
Saturday 8/7
  • 08:00:00 PM - All the Better... (Supernatural)

Sunday 8/8
  • 10:00:00 AM - Alien Agents (Monsters and Other Childish Things)
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shipment of failOr... registering for Origins event tickets this year.

The title is a quote from the Gencon forums re Origins Registration this year.

They hired a contract firm to upgrade their deeply awful web registration.  Alas, evidently meeting deadlines (the opening of registration was postponed, postponed again, and then was pretty much impossible to connect to), and any kind of testing aren't part of the contract. 

Actually, I'm pretty sure they are, as Trey Riley says "heads will roll".  None of which helps the majority of us who can't get our frickin' events.  I empathize - hell, I quit IT because I couldn't deal with the level of stress any more.  It's not good for Origins, though.  Their web interface has always been a poster child for poor customer interfacing, and this just piles more on top of that growing bad reputation.

It's a good thing that Origins is a totally rockin' con, where I meet up with some of the best players and GMs I've ever known, 'cause otherwise I'd have given up.

I did, after hours and hours of attempting, slip through a hole in the endless "enter address" loop, and finally dodged the "you must buy a badge" after you click "credit card" wall to get the tickets that I manged to squeeze into my cart in one lucky transaction sometime during yesterday's 8 hour ordeal.  I can't buy the last ticket I need because, well, now vast tracts of events have just disappeared from the event list.  Which, btw, currently only shows the first 25 (lowest) numbers, and is relatively impervious to efforts to see anything else.

I hope they get it fixed, and soon.  I understand that the problem is probably the contractor, but well... management hired the contractor.  No matter how you spin it, it's EPIC FAIL.

If you use Twitter, the tags are #Origins2009 and #OriginsFAIL.

My schedule (I hope)... There's a distinct lack of early morning events, and I've left Saturday wide open in case Blackmoor is in dire need.  And I'm actually playing!  That's because I expect most of Gencon to be work, work, work, with the launch of Blackmoor 4th ed.

Wednesday 6/24/09
  • 1:30 PM    6049    WitchHunter - Dark Providence: Redemption    That which was stolen must be returned; that which is free must willingly return to captivity.
  • 7:00 PM    6102    Strange Times: I Am Mythos    Lou Grant meets the Tick meets Cthulhu in this game of horror and humor.
Thursday 6/25/09
  • 8:00 AM    6251    WitchHunter - Dark Providence: Corruption    Along the Italian Alps a poison spreads; a pact once sworn has been broken. The pact must be avenged before the oaths can be restored.
  • RUN 1:30 PM    6381    Star Mage Prophecies: R001 - Reborn    The StarMage Prophecies is a continuing RPG campaign that launched at Origins 2007. It is *not* Living Dragonstar reborn.
  • 7:00 PM    6516    WitchHunter - Dark Providence: Salvation    Death walks the land. The hand that set the stone to roll may be forever severed if the memory of the hunt is keen.
Friday 6/26/09
  • RUN 1:30 PM    6780    Fellowship of the white Star: A208 The Fat Lady's Song, (Part Four of the Faulty Towers series ) An Interactive Event.    Origins Premiere #4.  A semi-historic d20 horror campaign module set in San Francisco 1906.
  • RUN 7:00 PM    6902    Star Mage Prophecies: R001 - Reborn    The StarMage Prophecies is a continuing RPG campaign that launched at Origins 2007. It is *not* Living Dragonstar reborn, but it could be considered Living Dragonstar reincarnated.
Saturday 6/27/09
  • RUN 7:00 PM    7245    Blackmoor: Episode 49 Heroes on Ice (1-4)    With Dave Arneson's Blackmoor: The MMRPG, you can play at home or at any one of the great conventions that run Blackmoor games. We have released over 40 Episodes for home play and more popping up all the time!
Sunday 6/27/09
  • SUN 1:30 PM    7502    Pathfinder Society Scenario #25: Hands of the Muted God    "When the man who would be the Muted God wordlessly stepped beyond the gates of the Starstone's Cathedral, his thousand and one faithful ringing the Ascendant Court watched with the silent contemplation that is their highest sacrament. When he failed to emerge, many of his penitents abandoned their vows but a small sect remained loyal and worshipful. You and your fellow Pathfinders are sent into the mountains north of Absalom to follow the path of a doomed party and uncover the secrets of the Muted God. His loyal band of followers, called the Hand, will stop at nothing to keep you away from their shrine--even forming an alliance with some of Golarion's most evil denizens."
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Hrmpfh. I'd intended to play more and GM less this year, and here I am running 6 slots. And playing 2. To be fair, I've kept the first slot open almost every day, so that my poor elderly self can stay out drinking at the end of the day, sleep in a little and spend a couple of hours in the dealer's room.

Part of it isn't my fault - the StarMage creator found that the cheapest air ticket he could get was $1000. That's an awful lot of moolah when there were only half a dozen people signed up over all of the slots. So, I picked up the slots where there were tickets purchased and we canceled the rest. Unfortunately, two of those fell over games I was going to play. Ah, well... In addition, I'm now Plot Coordinator for Blackmoor, so it seemed to me that I really have to be willing to run at least a couple of slots to help the cause. I would always rather be on staff at LARPs than attending, so I volunteered for the WitchHunter Interactive. And, of course, I started the whole thing by deciding to run a scenario for Colonial Gothic (which sold out the first day, I'm happy to say).

Yup, there's where my Origins went... I'll need to find someone to buy the tickets for two games that I don't need any more.

And mind you, I do enjoy running these games, or I wouldn't have said yes. I just didn't realize I was going to be running so many slots...

Jae's Origins Schedule
Run 6/25/08 7:00 PM Colonial Gothic - Bonestown
Run 6/26/08 1:00 PM Blackmoor Intro Archive
Run 6/26/08 7:00 PM VH:DP LARP - Celebration of Innocence
Run 6/27/08 8:00 AM Blackmoor Intro Archive
Run 6/27/08 1:00 PM SMP Market Mayhem
Play 6/27/08 7:00 PM WH:DP 1-14 Fair Trade
Play 6/28/08 1:00 PM FWS-A109: The Rock
Run 6/28/08 7:00 PM SMP01-06 Rat Queen's Bane
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It occurred to me that I've been so busy herding cats that I never posted my Origins schedule. Sap that I am, I agreed at the last minute to recruit, coordinate, zero and organize Blackmoor gms for Origins and Gencon. And edit the modules we playtested. As usual (not just for Blackmoor, but for just about any campaign I've ever worked with) we're down to the wire and the premieres are in various states of edit/revision. I hope I get them before the con...

As you can see, every slot is busy.  On the up side, I might be able to slip away to the dealer's room after my marshaling is done for those slots, assuming that there's someone to cover the campaign resource table.  But no drinking the night away for me, not with that 8 am Marshalling.  Gah.

Needless to say, I've done very little on my WWAWM entry... fortunately, it's Cat, and it will be fun for the players even if I make it up on the spot.

Origins Ho!

May. 9th, 2006 08:25 pm
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I have to say that Origins' registration site is faster than Gencon's - when it's up. The navigation, however, is beyond hideous. Pretty much the same as last year.  The navigation can't have been designed by anyone who actually has to use it, and you don't "claim" the tickets until you check out.  Since I was after some fairly "hot" stuff that had only a seat or two available once I managed to get the right screen up, I ended up checking out half a dozen times just to fill my schedule.  Everything takes half-a-dozen more clicks than it should.  Maybe it's a ploy to get people to not pre-register... Oh, wait, wouldn't the con go under if no one came? 

*sigh*  The two big cons of the summer, and their web designers are on some kind of wacky drugs... or at least, they have no notion how to design a web site for actual people to use.  I said it last year, I'll say it again: Read "Don't Make Me Think", folks, and forswear your wicked ways.

My Origins schedule is behind the cut.

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I'm back from Origins, intact except for my poor budget. It seemed as though the 'verse was conspiring to keep me from getting there.  First I had to work on Thursday, and then when that was cancelled, I threw a tie-rod.  (Details in View From the Tower.)  I persevered, and only missed Thursday's offerings (including a GURPS Firefly game... *sob*, as well as a new LD that I'll now have to pick up elsewhere).

Origins nattering shielded to spare you boredom. )

A couple of useful links, apropos of nothing...

DnD Prestige Classes table with sources  - It's one of those terribly useful things, especially since it includes all of their proprietary stuff.
D20 Hypertext SRD - I've pimped this before, but here it is again.  Really, really useful!  I'm working towards not having to carry any books, and this helps a lot with DnD stuff.

For someone who doesn't really care much for D&D, I sure play a lot of it!

Talkin' 'bout my character - run away! )
Which puts me in mind of Order of the Stick, of all things.  If you're not reading this web comic and you're a gamer, make with the clicky and go read it. Now.  No, really, I'll wait. It's really funny.  I may have to buy the book.


Apr. 22nd, 2005 07:55 pm
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So, here I am at Star Wars Celebration, huddled in the corner of the cafe where they have a wifi hot spot, struggling (for 2 hours, no less) with the somewhat disastrous Origins web site.  I don't know what the designers were thinking, but it wasn't about the poor people who have to use the darned thing! If I were goddess, I'd force the designer to read "Don't Make Me Think".

I managed to wrestle through it, though, and here's my schedule for Origins.

Thu 9 am - 6768: Detectives Unlimited: Light a Candle (Unknown Armies, 'cause I've wanted to try it)
Thu 2 pm - 6039: That Ship was hit by Reavers! (GURPS Firefly!)
Thu 6 pm - 7233: Heaven Didn't Want Him (Living Death - nuff said)
Fri 2 pm - 7049: Serenity Roleplaying Game Intro (the new Serenity RPG - I can hardly wait!)
Fri 6 pm - 7171: Evil Intentions (High level Living Death)
Sat 1 pm - 6679: Episode 7: Swamp Flies by Christopher Reed (Dave Arneson's Blackmoor - fantasy)
Sat 6 pm - 6675: Episode 8: The Unwanted by Dan Donnelly (More Blackmoor)
Sat 9 am - 7068: The Scouring of Cornwall - A Living Death Interactive - I'll be working for Claire again.
Sun 6 pm - 6757: Fastest Tentacle in the West (Call of Cthulhu Wild West? Though isn't the con over by then?)

So, whew, that's done. Looks like fun. Now all I need is to find myself a roommate to share my $53 a night Red Roof room - over by Ohio State, as downtown was sold out.

Edit: Put in links for specific events on Origins site. Stooopid site.
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Wow... I've done something I've not done for many, many years.  I registered for a convention (Origins International Game Expo) with no intention of volunteering.  At all.  I don't think, actually, that I've ever gone to a game convention just to play.  Even my very first Gencon, I volunteered to help judge Chill.

I have friends I can stay with in Columbus, so my costs will be limited to the registration and the slots I play.  It feels wrong... but I think it's a very right thing for me to do.  I've been defining myself as a tireless volunteer for so long, it's time to try something a little different.  If I miss judging/volunteering that much, I can always do so for the next convention.

I had much gaming goodness over the weekend, impaired somewhat by constant pain from the Knee From Hell (see my other blog for dreary details).  It's hard to roleplay in a Tylenol 3 induced haze, and harder when you keep yelping from little stabs of pain.  Managed to have fun, though.  If I have time over lunch I may inflict details.

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