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I'm stunned.  Both badge purchasing and hotel reservation were quick and painless.  No reload screens, no lag, and I got my room of choice without a hitch.

Wow.  I'm looking forward to event registration.
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My resolution to spend my 25th Gencon playing (rather than my usual mix of running/volunteering more than I play) lasted till mid-morning today. [livejournal.com profile] mind_of_richard  emailed me about helping out at the Rogue Games booth and the next thing I know, I'm saying "sure".  I like their products (particularly Colonial Gothic), and much of what I want to do at Gencon is talking to people anyways, soooo... there it is.

Whomever has Jan 20th in the betting pool, you win!
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I had a great Gencon.  Worked my tail off (16 hrs Thursday and Saturday), ran for wonderful people, bought far too much stuff, even managed to play a game or two.  Not enough time spent with chums or playing games, but next year I'm going to play and only play.

I know... I say that every year.

More later, with pics - must return to work now.
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[livejournal.com profile] wampameat  , Mike and I all started trying for Gencon 2009 rooms at noon, and scored the Hyatt on the 2nd try (point to Vic!).  There was no problem logging in, no lockups, no eternal screen refreshes... it looks like they've finally actually and genuinely upgraded the computer system!  Yippiee!  Welcome to the 21st century, Gencon!

I'll mostly be tied up with the 4th edition launch of Dave Arneson's Blackmoor, but I traditionally run one slot (at least) of my own.  I haven't submitted yet because, well, I'm just not sure what I want to run.  I've got "Something In the Dark", a Colonial Gothic that I'm working on (considerably LESS dark than last year's), and I always enjoy running some form of Firefly, and of course there's always Cat, or Savage Chill...

Last year I barely got to play, so I want to remedy that this year.  My role for DAB is as much organizational as anything, and the modules WILL be ready well ahead of time.  11-12 slots... probably half of those given over to DAB.  So, one slot, maybe two, that I'll run something.  Oh, and of course I need to make sure I sleep enough.  Drat old age...

Any requests from the peanut gallery?
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Here (very briefly) is my Gencon schedule. It's in flux, as I wasn't anticipating being on the Blackmoor staff as of Gencon so I hadn't signed up to run at all. Now I'm Plot Coordinator (at least for the moment) and the campaign horribly short of judges for Gencon.  I feel I have an obligation to run as much as I can.

On the other hand, I *need* to have my first slot in the morning off as much as possible, because I'm just too darned old to go on less than 5 hours sleep for more than a day.  Nor am I willing to give up the stuff I have tickets for, as each and every one is something I'm dying to play.  There are some holes in my schedule though, that I'd left open to hang with friends or pick up a game, so those I can fill with Blackmoor.  I'm willing to run any of the intros at the drop of a hat, and a fair number of the rest of the library.  I suck as a tactical/combat judge, so I won't run the high level/high combat mods that have become the staple of the campaign over the past year.  Fortunately that still leaves quite a few modules.

I'll update here as I get new information.

  • Play  8/14 Thurs 9 am Chill "Whatever happened to Chester Brown?" (RPG00079)
  • Play  8/14 Thursday 2 pm Supernatural "Seeds of Chaos" (RPG00251)
  • Run  8/14 Thursday 7 pm Colonial Gothic "Bonestown" (RPG00251)
  • Run  8/15 Friday 1 pm StarMage Prophecies SMP01-06 "Rat Queen's Bane" (RPG01680)
  • Play  8/15 Friday 6 pm Trail of Cthulhu "Incident at Killgul Island" (RPG01515)
  • Run  8/16 Saturday 9 am  Blackmoor "Welcome to Blackmoor"
  • Play  8/16 Saturday 2 pm The Dresden Files (RPG01536)
  • Run  8/16 Saturday 7 pm  Blackmoor "Welcome to Blackmoor"
  • Run  8/17 Sunday 11 am Cat "Home Alone" (RPG01887)

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Ever since WotC's "April Fool's Joke" about "My Little Pony: The RPG", I've been noodling around (along with [profile] litagemini) about creating a real "My Little Pony" RPG.  The stories are all about cooperating to solve problems, and the ponies divide naturally into classes.  I thought it was criminally stupid of WotC, whose parent Hasbro owns the My Little Pony TM license, to NOT make such a game.

I was happy to see at Gencon that at least someone else has embraced the idea with Bella Sara.  It's not a role playing game, it's a card game with an online component, but it was one of the hottest things at the show.

I think they might have something there...
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Someone in the dealer's room at Gencon (that narrows it down... NOT) was selling what were essentially poker chips with stats for various mounts on them.  I thought "what a clever idea"!  And didn't note down where they came from.  I think I even read about it in someone's blog, but I don't remember where.

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Most embarrassing moment: 

I have arthritis in my knees, and am horrifically out of shape.  I just can't walk very far without sitting down, and it's hard to get back up off the floor alone.  So... when in the incredibly huge Gencon Dealer's Room, I'm constantly on the lookout for places to sit and rest for a few moments.  Order of the Stick has a board game (musssst haveeeee my preciousssss), and while they were sold out of the game, they were running demos.  I figured I'd sit down for a few minutes and enjoy the demo while resting my cranky knees.

Only... I missed.  I completely missed the flimsy plastic folding chair (which is what the majority of the dealers had - not their fault) and went crashing down onto the floor, bags and all.  I felt myself falling and rolled with it (that Theater degree is good for something, I guess), so the only thing injured was my pride.  I had to lay there on the floor for a few minutes, though, reassuring everyone that I was fine, I just needed a few minutes to pull myself together for the ordeal of standing back up.

I need a t-shirt that says: "Dex is my dump stat".
Edit: Order yours here! Thanks, [profile] wookiee71
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I'm back from Gencon and struggling to stay awake at work today.  I love Gencon - I've been attending since 1987 and have every intention of continuing to do so as long as there is breath in my body.  However... I think I am going to have to accept that I am neither as young as I used to be nor as young as I'd like to be.  Even though I only made it to one 8 am slot, I'm exhausted.  Next year I'm not going to even bother scheduling anything at 8 am!  And this was without the usual half-the-night carousing with friends.  I've been on antibiotics for months now with a stubborn infection in my leg, and so I gave the bar-crawling a pass.

Gencon remains one of my favorite destinations of the year, even if I can't play for 16 hours, drink for 3 more and then get up and do it again any more...

EDIT: The nice lady from Customer Service did refund my money to my account after I managed to connect with her at registration.  I pronounce myself happy with the final result, and appreciate that Peter Adkinson helped make it happen.
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I keep needing to refer to my Gencon schedule, so I'm putting it where I (and others) can find it easily.  I wasn't going to run at all this year, but have allowed myself to be roped in by the Blackmoor people.  They've got 7 judges and 80 tables (and that's just preregistration!) for a D&D campaign that I mostly enjoy.  I am such a sucker...

I am at the moment pretty unhappy with Gencon LLC.  They double-charged me for my tickets, ignored my request for a refund, then sent me the double tickets.  At that point I emailed Peter Adkinson (who is a nice guy, and very reasonable, but, I think, not accurately informed by his staff) and got the ball rolling with Customer Service.  CS, however, wanted me to mail the tickets back to get a refund.  I finally managed to do so on Saturday, confident they'd arrive by the Wednesday deadline.  Not so much.  So, now I appear to be out the $37.50 because they have the extra tickets - I can't even sell them back on site now.  My finances are going to be very tight this Gencon due to some pilferage from my account (yes, cancelled the card and all, and expect to get it back eventually) and my recent run of unemployment.  I could have used that $37.50 to eat for a couple of days.  Grrrr...  I haven't given up - I have a letter detailing the tickets returned that I can send along - but it's not looking good. 

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It took me about five hours to get my Gencon tickets - that beats even the Origins record for poor-response websiteness. I do give Gencon credit for letting me download the schedule as a spreadsheet, though. That was an enormous help in finding interesting and obscure games, and sorting out what I wanted to play when. That way I was ready when the system went live - as were, evidently, thousands of other people, more than the system could handle. From minute one there were constant timeouts.

The Gencon folks took the site down as I was trying to check out, and I nearly had a stroke.  I was worried that I'd lose those few events I did manage to get into my cart, but they were there when it came back up the next day. .. about an hour after they said it would. To be fair, I've never tried to write an application able to handle that kind of load, so I suppose I shouldn't cast stones.

But darn it, I missed out on a Firefly LARP, a Serenity game and the Cthulhu Masters (which I've never gotten into, though I've been trying faithfully since 1987...). Ah, well, I did get some neat-sounding stuff, so I'll quit whining now.

Looking over my choices, this looks like the year I return to my gaming roots. I attended my first Gencon in 1987, and in those days there were no "living" campaigns. Every table had characters provided, and Gencon was my gaming dim sum.  I sought out systems I'd barely heard of so that I could give them a try without making the commitment of buying books. This year, except for the Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Gencon exclusive, every one of the games I've picked has characters provided.  I have to admit I'm kinda excited at the prospect.

I have nothing against campaign games - I developed and ran a campaign that I was very proud of - but picking up an unknown character and trying to make him or her live for 3 hours is a totally different challenge. It used to be something that RPGA was particularly good at, but they seem to be going pretty much all-minatures and table-top video-game styled games these days.  Instead of RPGA durance vile, judging or coordinating every slot, I'm spending the long weekend in Indy (as in Independent Game Producers) heaven. My only regret is that I may not have time to get to the dealer's room!

I've gone back to what I call the Iron Idiot schedule, too -- 4 slots a day, pretty much every day.  I'll be exhausted, but oh, the gaming!  And, I'm happy to say, I have a room reserved at the Marriott across the street, so I won't have to go far to collapse.

The schedule may change a little, as I was reminded today that I'd promised the Blackmoor folks that I'd run one slot. I offered them Thursday 8 am, or Thursday 8 pm, or Sunday 8 am. Those are the only ones I'm willing to even consider giving up.

It's nice to be excited about Gencon again.

Schedule behind the cut )


Sep. 5th, 2004 11:49 pm
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So... let me talk about Gencon a little.


I played (Living Death, Firefly, TechnoTerra, Living Dragonstar, Living Spycraft), I hung out with friends (old and new) and wandered the exhibit hall, playing demos and catching up with my contacts in the industry.  I drank till the bar closed (and hardly ever had to buy my own drink) and slept in when I wanted to.  Dang.  I think I know now why it is people go to conventions -- it's FUN!

There's a philosophy that holds that when things are meant to be -- when it's the RIGHT thing -- that everything flows.  Everything you need falls into place.  The stars are right.  And boy, were they ever for me at Gencon.  I'm starting to think that perhaps my life might be turning around.

I didn't have a single bad table.  I had a lovely dinner with my friend (it was nice to see you, Lisa!), and another friend let me share her Marriott hotel room gratis -- and even covered the cost of parking my car.  Thanks, Cynthia, from the bottom of my heart. 

Everywhere I went, people sought me out to chat, to hug, to tell me that they value me and what I have done -- and what I may do in the future.  I'm even told I got an ovation at the member's meeting (I left it early on because the echo made it hard to hear and what I could hear overflowed my BS buffers after about 10 minutes).  Despite efforts to disparage and discount me, it looks like I'm still an opinion leader.  This gives me great hope for the Gamer Fellowship project (about which there will be more, as soon as I settle on a content manager for the site).

It was, in short, fabulous.  And I'm going to go to Gencon Southern California in December, and have just as much fun.  I'll even run a couple of Living Spycraft games for AEG games.

The bitch is back!

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... and take the plunge.  I just registered for Gencon Indy.  I attended my first Gencon in 1987... and this will be the first time I haven't been running anything.  I've run my own things (with a very loyal following), I've run for RPGA -- but I've never just gone to play.

Since any day off is without pay, I'm only going Friday through Sunday.  Even more oddly, I'm mostly not playing RPGA stuff.  I've grown so very disappointed in RPGA (and skeptical of the managerial capabilities of the Senior GM) that there's really very little I want to play.

My schedule is thusly (for anyone who cares...)
Fri 8/20: Noon - 4pm - Firefly the RPG (Cyberpunk 2020)
Fri 8/20:  6pm - 10pm - ARPL Technoterra (D20 Modern)
Sat 8/21:  8am -  1pm - Broken (RPGA Living Death)
Sat 8/21:  1 pm -  6pm - Restoration (RPGA Living Death)
Sat 8/21: 6 pm - 11 pm - LDS 16 - As Above, So Below (RPGA Living Dragonstar)
Sun 8/22:  10 am - 2 pm - Living Spycraft Premiere Event

How could I resist a Firefly game?  And, since there wasn't anything I wanted to play from RPGA on Friday evening, why not sample ARPL?  I'm not impressed with their business model (too much emphasis on them making money, not enough on proving their product), but I can try it out at Gencon without having to pay for a membership, so I'll try it.  Besides, I'd like to get a better handle on D20 Modern.
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I'll make an exception to my policy of only discussing gaming here to post this from [livejournal.com profile] doctor_toc

Maybe if you ask me gaming-related questions, it'll fit better. :) However, the rules say you can ask anything, so ask away. I reserve the right to answer vaguely.

I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions...no more, no less.

Ask me anything you want.

Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this...allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.
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Friday night: Adam's game and we had a hard fight against a well-prepared group. Adam being the decent sort he is, he let us find a couple of useful items (including a stone that cancelled out the innate darkness from the Sharites). And good that he did, 'cause we'da been toast. Instead, we got thumped good and hard, but no one died. Well, none of *us* died.

Saturday: CARP, our local club, and Living Death, my favorite campaign to play. I was, unfortunately, in a really rotten mood due to my ongoing fiscal miseries and more pain in my knee than I'm able to comfortably bear without medication. Still, the scenario (Rose City) was engaging enough, Matt Perez did a great job of running it, and I was able to put my mood behind me and have fun. Miss Evangeline Pennyworth, Lady Archeologist, managed to sharpshoot her way to survival yet again.

As for the rest of the weekend... edit, edit, edit. The Way of the Force is off to my Renton Masters. One more to go for Winter Fantasy (The Dark Side Beckons) and then only three more (Night's Friend, Night's Homecoming and For Fun and Profit), till I can catch my breath and maybe see a movie.

Ghaaa. Off to California Wednesday afternoon. Down side - 3 days lost pay. Up side, a free trip to California to Gencon, which is bound to be fun.
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On the good news front... :: happy dance :: I'm going to California for Gencon SoCal on WotC's nickle. I'll be running what they call the "Delve" in the dealer's room -- short adventures with miniatures or action figures to introduce people to the games. Not, mind you, as Living Force campaign director. Nope, I missed that deadline. I was told mid-June to have two new semi-exclusive adventures ready by August 1st if I wanted them to send me. I didn't make the deadline (though not by any fault of the Plots team, who did get me the stuff before Aug 1), so from them it was a no-go. I was very disappointed that there wouldn't be campaign staff at the convention. The West Coast gamers feel that they're overlooked and neglected, and I figured this would only play into that belief. It was, however, out of my hands. At my barely-above-minimum-wage income a plane ticket/hotel for the con was just completely out of reach.

Then Lauri contacted me to see if I could provide any judges for her from the staff runnning Living Force. I told her I would put out the word, and that if she wanted to ship me out there, I'd be happy to run all day every day. And so I am. (grin) I'll have each evening free, and hopefully that will be enough.

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