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dry erase paintI stumbled across this in my blog reading, and I *love* the idea of having a wall (or walls) of dry-erase whiteboard to doodle on while running a game. It's called IdeaPaint.

Our FLGS (Evolution Games) has a couple of rooms set aside for gaming (and is building more) with a modicum of noise abatement, and I thrill to the idea of having the walls painted with this stuff!  I already bring a tabletop whiteboard for things like tracking initiative and putting up things for the players to remember.

It would also make a good surface for a mini-projector and a GMing aid like D20 Pro or Maptool.

docupocket standWhile I'm talking about cool game aids, let me link you to Trainer's Warehouse, where I got these nifty little stands/clear plastic holders for signs, character tents, etc.  For $7 plus shipping you get a sturdy little marble base and your choice of a holder (this is 8 1/2 x 11, but I got 5x7 for my character card.

In fact I got a whole bunch of 5x7 holders and I keep one with each of my characters with the character card in it.  That way it's ready to go any time I play.  They're pretty inexpensive, and work really well.

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Every so often when technology catches up with Shadowrun, I have what I call a "Shadowrun Moment".  I shake my head in wonder that things that seemed purely sciencfictional 17 years ago are happening now.  Such as when I read last year that "there are more than 750,000 employees of security companies, which exceed the number of state and local police." (source)  Wikipedia has more information on Private Military Contractors.

raincoatVia Gizmodo - the future of fashion today! 

Gizmodo says: If you're worried about some thug trying to jack your iPod, this raincoat should give you some peace of mind. Not because it makes you look like a really big Matrix fan, but because it's bulletproof and stabproof. You can flaunt your fancy gadgets all you want, and if someone tries to jam a broken bottle into your sternum you can just laugh, laugh heartily right in their face. Well, until they stab you in the neck or something. The jacket won't protect your neck. Just keep that in mind.

The manufacturer's site, Spycatcher of Knightsbridge, has a wealth of gadgets, gizmos and armored vehicles.  Since all of the things are available now, you can use this site as a resource for your modern (and Shadowrun) games.
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Hi, I'm Jae, and I'm a RPG junkie. I love roleplaying games, and these days I'm in a target rich environment.

The latest is Adventure!, a White Wolf system. Rick Jones is running a group of us online, using Screen Monkey). It's a pulp genre game, though we're set in the modern day.

The jury is still out for me on both the system and ScreenMonkey. I like the map, but it seemed difficult to customize the interface. As for the game system -- I've always disliked White Wolf's dice system and what seemed to me to be a limited and artificial skill set. But then, I'm very into skill-based games, so it's not surprising.

Rick, though, is a good storyteller, so it should all work out in the end. Unfortunately I ended up with pretty much nothing to do all evening, which I suspect may be a flaw in my character concept. Sometimes they seem so neat when you're working them up, but then fall flat when you plug them into a group dynamic.

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