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Dungeon Mastering LogoI read a lot of RPG blogs. A lot... Lately I've been finding so much good stuff that I have to share some of it. Or at least store it where I can find it later.
  • One Sentence NPC Generator - an oldie but goodie from RPGTips. Stuck for NPC ideas? Click this puppy till you find one you like. A few examples:
    • Clumsy, drunken wizard morbidly afraid her own sobriety.
    • The town witch doctor, reputed as a medical miracle worker, is actually nothing more than a lucky fraud, in way over their head.
    • Highly superstitious about local fey, the blacksmith only takes payment in silver for fear of being duped with 'faerie gold.'
    • Depressed elementalist has forgotten how to summon all but the nicest of weather.
  • 5 NPCs That Won’t Put Your Players to Sleep - From Dungeon Mastering Some good general tips for designing interesting NPCs. I've used a few of these myself and will probably use more of them in the future.
  • Nerdy Chix - Web site by and for female MMORPG , videogame and RPG players.
  • D20 end of year deals from [livejournal.com profile] montecook . "WotC pulled the plug on d20, so that anything with the d20 logo on it can't be sold after the end of this year." I didn't realize that. eek!
  • Delta Green Rules for Survival - from RoleplayingPro - I just discovered this blog, and it's full of nifty, interesting stuff. If you've ever played Delta Green (or the shared world campaign Delta Files) this will ring really true. If you haven't, and you're within driving distance of Lansing MI, email me and we'll set something up. X-Files meets Cthulhu for the win!
  • How to Get Players More Involved again from RoleplayingPro. Oh, heck, just go read everything there!
Finally, from [livejournal.com profile] muskrat_john , is a bit of gaming holiday shopping advice (humor).

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I'm back from Origins, intact except for my poor budget. It seemed as though the 'verse was conspiring to keep me from getting there.  First I had to work on Thursday, and then when that was cancelled, I threw a tie-rod.  (Details in View From the Tower.)  I persevered, and only missed Thursday's offerings (including a GURPS Firefly game... *sob*, as well as a new LD that I'll now have to pick up elsewhere).

Origins nattering shielded to spare you boredom. )

A couple of useful links, apropos of nothing...

DnD Prestige Classes table with sources  - It's one of those terribly useful things, especially since it includes all of their proprietary stuff.
D20 Hypertext SRD - I've pimped this before, but here it is again.  Really, really useful!  I'm working towards not having to carry any books, and this helps a lot with DnD stuff.

For someone who doesn't really care much for D&D, I sure play a lot of it!

Talkin' 'bout my character - run away! )
Which puts me in mind of Order of the Stick, of all things.  If you're not reading this web comic and you're a gamer, make with the clicky and go read it. Now.  No, really, I'll wait. It's really funny.  I may have to buy the book.
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I've been wrestling with writer's block and various avoidance issues struggling to finish my Living Death module, Safari.  This Raising Duncan strip pretty much covers it.  I'll resurface when it's done...

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That woul be Elf Only Inn a pretty funny cartoon send-up of the very silly people who infest chat-room and free-form online games.  :: snerk ::  They show up at face-to-face games too, especially at conventions.

gacked from In TheShadow of Greatness
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Libraries and gaming.

The Unshelved strip is usually a giggle, but this one is particularly apt.


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