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I'm going to join [livejournal.com profile] litagemini 's campaign at our club next month, and am building a 4E wizard to complement the party. Also because I want to learn the magic rules. I'm also a semi-serious City of Heroes player (if only I didn't have such alt-itis!), so Phil and I made toons for our characters. So... here they are. Mine's the female mage (magic controller, ice/force).

From Dragon's Maw

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searchingWho would have thought that a major gaming company would fail to provide free, short intro adventures for their big new product?  I mean, seriously, you want to hook people into your game, you give them something their first level characters can dip their toes in, right? 

Oh, wait... we're talking about WotC, aren't we?


Okay, here's my problem.  I've been blithely assuming such a thing exists and scheduled a "make a character and play" session for this weekend.  Saturday, to be precise.  And now that I've lined people up... no adventure.  *head*desk*head*desk*.

And so, I come to you, my brilliant, connected, GAMER friends, to see if any of YOU have something I might be able to use.  I've got a 4 hour slot, probably half of which will be character building.  I just need an itty bitty demo that will showcase a little of what makes 4th Ed D&D interesting enough to play again.

:: looks around hopefully ::

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With the holidays behind us and the weather (possibly) calming down, I'm looking toward a fairly standard gaming weekend.

Tonight I finish editing a module for Blackmoor.  This one has been a real challenge, requiring some major surgery to get a plot flow that makes sense.  Sleep is for the weak.

Saturday and Sunday are a CARP game weekend, and I'm running both WitchHunter and Fellowship of the White Star while others run Blackmoor.  I'm really losing my taste for running D&D, especially as we hit a patch of Blackmoor modules that are, shall we say, more strategically oriented than I enjoy.

WitchHunter, on the other hand, has a very fast, very cinematic system, and the judges are empowered to let the players be as cinematic and flashy as they want.  Mind you, they don't always succeed, but at least they can try!  Both WitchHunter and FWS are historical horror, with WH set in 1689 and FWS in 1904.  FWS is D&D based, but is more investigative than combat oriented, so I enjoy that as well. 

And it almost goes without saying that I'm all about the horror...

Saturday evening, weather willing, we'll be back in Damara in the Forgotten Realms, if any of us can remember what it was we were doing... of course, there's always the trouble my swashbuckler can get into with her new lightsaber... er... artifact-empowered-semi-psionic rapier.  :: chuckle ::
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I ran my first session of the Serenity RPG today, for CARP.  All in all, I think it went very well.  The scenario, "Some People Juggle Geese", was only a few notes on a couple of scraps of paper, and I ended up using the crew from the movie (as statted out in the RPG), but it went really well.

I won't offer details, since I plan to run this at Origins (and possibly GenCon), but I haven't laughed so long or so well in quite a while.  Other than Inara, who was, in my opinion, somewhat neglected, all of the characters had their moments to shine.  I've figured out what I need to do differently next time to punch up the pacing a little, but all in all it ran very much like an episode of Firefly.

Best of all, I got this from one of the players in email tonight: I know he had a lot of fun watching the play, as we both agreed, it was like watching an episode of Firefly.

These are the moments that I, as a GM and storyteller, live for.

Keep Flyin'!
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CARP has a gameday coming up and Weekend in Gothic Earth is at the end of the month. My gaming schedule has accellerated almost out of control.  While I'm enjoying myself, I barely have time to breathe!

Friday night I ran the first half of a Living Death scenario ( Medicine Bones, very good!), with the second half on Monday night.  Saturday was a day-long slot zero for WiGE.  Keith Hoffman, husband of Our Dark Mistress (Claire, the campaign director) the author of the scenario (Medicine Quest, also a super scenario) drove up to run it for the Michigan contingent.  I'm proud to say that Michigan provides around half (sometimes more) of the GMs for WiGE, as well as a fair number of players.

I've ranted about the wonderfulness that is Living Death in this space before.  It's all role playing and it rocks.  Play it. Nuff Said.

Sunday I ran two scenarios for a relatively new, non-RPGA campaign called Legends of the Shining Jewel. It's a high fantasy D&D 3.5 campaign, and it's just a riot.  I've only played the first two scenarios (and run them once now as well), but I have to say that I'm very impressed with the style and quality.  There are lots of opportunites to role play, some politics and intrigue, and a fight or two (actually scaled for the party level, unlike the RPGA's lamentable Legacy of the Green Regent.  It's all Open Gaming Source material, and I think it's going to have legs.  Jae-bob says play it.

Tomorrow we playtest the October MSU Shadows scenario. [livejournal.com profile] kirkt68 is the author and GM, and it is also a huge amount of fun.  The characters are all White Hats -- no Heroes or Slayer.  We're all poor schlubs thrashing around trying to deal with the supernatural on the campus of Michigan State University.

My character is a terribly neurotic graduate student who is saddled with pretty much every psychic power there is. She sees dead people, she sees demons, she gets flashes from objects and people, and now she's involuntarily reading minds. Her closest friend is her cat Fitzhugh, though she's starting to bond with the rest of this unlikely batch of Scoobies.  It's great fun.

Thursday we play the Living Spycraft scenario (Winter of Discontent) so that there are GMs who have played it and can run it on the gameday. In Spycraft I play a snoop/fixer whose code name is Woodstock. She's short, skinny, has a shock of yellow hair in a color not found in nature, and a nose like a macaw.  In other words, she looks a great deal like Snoopy's long-time companion.

Saturday I'm helping out at Fortress Games with World Wide D&D Day till 5 pm, and then I'm off to Daggerford, Adam's home campaign, where I play a halfling mage with an affinity for wild magic and her sights set on becoming an archmage.

Sunday it's off to the Michigan Mythos Militia to run some Call of Cthulhu for my fellow cultists. I recently became a Missionary for Cthulhu, and will be running "Under the Greenwood Tree", set in the Dark Ages in Sherwood Forest. Heh. Heh. Heh. I'm running the same scenario, along with "The Mystery of April Snow" at U*Con in November, so this will give me a chance to work the kinks out.

Whew. I'm going to need a vacation from my time off! But I have to say... it's good to be in the center of so much gaming opportunity!
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I've been so busy gaming I haven't had time to write about it!

Our club (Capital Area Role Players, or CARP) is providing the GMs for a local convention, Foundation, so I've been busy running (mostly) and playing in preparation.  I ran three slots of Living Force and played one of Living Death.  Then CARP had our monthly game day (played Living Spycraft), and after that I scampered off to our re-located Friday night homegame (the GM got a temporary job -- yay! -- but it's 2nd shift, so he's at work when we would usually be playing).

And that was just one week's worth!  I can't complain of a lack of opportunity to game...

Back in the day, before I gave up my life to run Living Force 4 years ago, I used to organize and run cons and game days.  Now that I have free time again (filling up rapidly) I'm getting my hand back in.  This week's been taken up with various meetings and preparations for the convention next weekend, including arranging for sufficient GMs for the Living Death premiere (so that I can play it instead of having to read/prepare it).  It's stressful but also invigorating.  I think I've been missing the brokering...

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Friday night: Adam's game and we had a hard fight against a well-prepared group. Adam being the decent sort he is, he let us find a couple of useful items (including a stone that cancelled out the innate darkness from the Sharites). And good that he did, 'cause we'da been toast. Instead, we got thumped good and hard, but no one died. Well, none of *us* died.

Saturday: CARP, our local club, and Living Death, my favorite campaign to play. I was, unfortunately, in a really rotten mood due to my ongoing fiscal miseries and more pain in my knee than I'm able to comfortably bear without medication. Still, the scenario (Rose City) was engaging enough, Matt Perez did a great job of running it, and I was able to put my mood behind me and have fun. Miss Evangeline Pennyworth, Lady Archeologist, managed to sharpshoot her way to survival yet again.

As for the rest of the weekend... edit, edit, edit. The Way of the Force is off to my Renton Masters. One more to go for Winter Fantasy (The Dark Side Beckons) and then only three more (Night's Friend, Night's Homecoming and For Fun and Profit), till I can catch my breath and maybe see a movie.

Ghaaa. Off to California Wednesday afternoon. Down side - 3 days lost pay. Up side, a free trip to California to Gencon, which is bound to be fun.
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Of course it is. And... I'm afraid I've reached and/or exceeded that. Lessee...

  • Friday was Adam's home campaign. Always fun, but I was off my game...

  • Saturday was Waterdeep Chronicles CARP's home campaign, where I was theoretically supposed to run. (It was a home football game day, though, so attendance was low.)

  • Saturday evening, I played Living Dragonstar online. The company was great, but I really felt it was a waste of six or so hours of my life (at least, until the ending, which was relatively satisfying). My chums helped me power-up my cleric so that he'll be less useless in the future. (I hates being useless, yet I persist in playing clerics, who are at best support characters.)

  • Sunday I wrote all day, mostly finishing a scenario for Living Force, the RPGA campaign that I run.

  • Monday I ran an online session of Living Force for a group of judges for Gencon SoCal. Till 2 am, no less (most of 'em are in California, after all). I'm tickled that people like the campaign so much that they hate to "eat" a scenario (run it without having had a chance to play it), but dang... where am I to get the time?

  • Tuesday (tonight) is Rick's Adventure! game. I'm looking forward to it, but where am I gonna find the time I need to get Excursion finished and Recursion, Night's Friend, Night's Homecoming, Padawannabes and Way of the Force edited? 'cause those all need to be done by Dec 1st.

Yup. Too much gaming. Nowhere in there do I see anything resembling a normal life...

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